We develop information systems that fully respect the requirements and specifics of the industry in which operate our customer.

We create custom IT systems that exactly meet the customer's needs and respect the specifics of his business. Thanks to our well-established and open-source technologies, our products are extendable, stable, easy to maintain and independent on the used operating system. Throughout the app's development, the customer can check parts of the development cycle and test the completed parts of the system - he can actively participate on the final outcome: try the ergonomics of the app and specify his demands in order to make the final product as precise in dealing with his needs as possible.

Our main goal is, in cooperation with you, return and efficiency of investments.


  • Meeting: We will tell you all the essential informations you will need, you will tell us the objectives of the project and the expectations
  • Informations:  If there is a code, we'll go through it, so we can then follow up in development or make recommendations
  • Agreement on confidentiality (NDA): In the case of sensitive information, sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Framework agreement: We cooperate on the basis of the signed Framework Agreement
  • Documentation: For our deepest understanding,  all your available documents, graphic designs, and other project specifications will help us
  • Price quote: We will create a quote with an estimate of hours needed and schedule
  • Form of cooperation: We will set our rules of cooperation (SLA - Service Level Agreement)
  • Order: If you agree to a quotation, we sign the order and our work can begin
  • Initiation of analysis and development
Start cooperation


When performing custom development, we proceed in the following steps

  • System analysis
    The critical part of creation, where we identify and document specific customer requirements about the system.
    Active co-operation of both analysts and customers is required.
  • System design
    Architecture processing using a standard logical and physical model using UML or CASE standard methodologies and tools. Determine the used systems, user interfaces, security.
  • Software development
    Creation of program, database, communication and other sotware parts. Algorithm creation and program design.
  • TestingAccording to the approved project standards, internal module testing, system testing and overall functionality testing runs are performed.
  • Implementation and IntegrationPutting into pilot operation and installation into a production environment. The customer performs acceptance testing and, in the event of a flawless code, other deployment operations follow-up.
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicePossibility to arrange long-term maintenance, upgrade, update, Hotline support, training of new employees.

5 ReasonS why 1. Web IT

  • With our clients we always find an efficient and economical solution.
  • We are always in touch with our clients.
  • We perform regular quality control of our work.
  • We continuously improve our knowledge and follow the latest IT trends.
  • We carefully choose new colleagues into the team.

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